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50W 300RPM Maglev Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Wind/Hand Generator 500W Max


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Production specifications:

Rated power: 50W
Rated RPM: 300RPM
Max power: 500W
Starting torque: <0.1 N.m
Type: Outer rotor
Generator: 3-phase AC permanent magnet
Outer diameter: 180mm
Main shaft diameter: 25mm
Housing material: Aluminum alloy 6061
Net weight: 4kg
Life span: 20 years
Working temperature: -45°C-70°C

Testing results without load:

RPM Rectified DC voltage of WINDPMG50
50RPM 8V
100RPM 16.2V
200RPM 32.4V
300RPM 48.7V
400RPM 64.9V
500RPM 81.5V
600RPM 97.9V
700RPM 114.5V
800RPM 130.7V
900RPM 147.7V
1000RPM 164V

Testing results with load:

RPM Voltages Amps Torque Load Power
50RPM 3.72V 0.47A 0.92N.m 11.5R 1.7W
100RPM 8.1V 0.78A 1.6N.m 11.5R 6.3W
200RPM 16.7V 1.28A 2.87N.m 11.5R 21.4W
300RPM 25.5V 1.86A 4.3N.m 11.5R 47.4W
400RPM 34.3V 2.4A 5.4N.m 11.5R 82.3W
500RPM 43V 2.83A 6.4N.m 11.5R 121.7W
600RPM 52V 3.4A 7.3N.m 11.5R 176.8W
700RPM 61V 3.9A 8.2N.m 11.5R 237.9W
800RPM 70V 4.38A 8.7N.m 11.5R 306.6W
900RPM 80V 4.84A 9.2N.m 11.5R 387.2W
1000RPM 89V 5.54A 9.6N.m 11.5R 493W


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