Q: How do I place an order?
A: Just register to be a member and add your item to your shopping cart, then checkout by credit cards or other payment method. It’s easy and fast.

Q: How will you ship my items? Is there a tracking number?
A: We ship by express mail. There is a tracking number. You can see the movement to your door.

Q: Are all items free shipping?
A: Yes, all orders to MO,HK,TW,KR,VN,TH,SG,PH,MY,LA,JP,ID,BN,CA,US,NZ,AU,GB,SE,CH,ES,PT,NO,NL,LU,IT,IE,IN,GR,DE,FR,DK,FI,BE,AT,PL,RU,HU,CZ,SK are free shipping. However, it costs not much shipping to some other countries, such as Oceanian countries, some European countries, South America countries or some other countries. It depends on the package weight, dimension and your location. Please contact for details before purchase.

Q:Do I need to pay for the import taxes?
A: Yes, buyer is responsible for all taxes if any. We declare a low value or the value which the buyer specified. However, buyer’s customs may or may not accept that value. They may charge the taxes according to their own rules or the transaction invoices if they don’t accept the value. Please note that your customs have the right to charge any taxes according to their rules or regulations as the law regardless of the commercial invoice or the value we declared. Sometimes you don't need to pay for the taxes. It depends on your customs. You need to contact your customs for details before purchase.

Q: When will you ship my item?
A: After confirming all details, generally we ship your items within 48 hours. For some special item, we ship it within 72 hours.

Q: When can I receive my goods?
A: Please allow anywhere from 1-2 weeks for arrival of your merchandise. Most orders arrive within 5-14 business days. For high season, Christmas and Valentine's Day, and holidays delivery times may vary.

Q: Are all your items the same as picture and as described?
A: Yes, all the pictures are taken from actual products by us. The item is exactly the same as the description.

Q: Are all products produced by WINDPMG?
A: Yes, all products are manufactured by WINDPMG. We only sell our own products.

Q: Can you supply other related products which not shown on the Website?
A: Yes, please E-mail us about your requirements.